5 Types of Asphalt Paving and Their Uses

October 24, 2022

Potholes and cracks are more than just a nuisance. They can create safety hazards like lost hubcaps, blown tires, broken rims, etc. Two reasons cause potholes and cracks: high traffic on the pavement or expansion and contraction during freeze-thaw cycles. Fortunately, asphalt materials can fill in cracks and potholes in a driveway, parking lot, or street. Are you planning an asphalt paving project soon? Check out these five types of asphalt paving to help you make a well-informed decision in your upcoming project. 

1. Mastic Asphalt Paving 

Mastic asphalt paving lasts longer, looks better, and can be installed quickly. It’s also called sheet asphalt and has the lowest bitumen content compared to other types. Mastic asphalt paving is mainly used for terraces, car packs, footpaths, and roads. It is also used in flooring and roofing. Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is another variety that’s increasingly becoming popular. Its benefits include the absence of air pockets and anti-skid properties. However, if laid improperly, it might cause slippery road conditions. 

2. Quiet Asphalt Paving  

Tire noise can have detrimental impacts on your health. Luckily, quiet asphalt paving can help reduce tire-pavement noise. Porous and open-graded asphalts are the best quiet pavement mixtures because they can dissipate the sound energy from the friction between the tire and asphalt surface. Quiet asphalt paving is mostly recommended in residential areas

3. Perpetual Asphalt Paving  

Perpetual pavement is a smooth, long-lasting, and safe surface with a strong base layer. The top layer is added to give the asphalt functionality and durability. With regular maintenance care, perpetual pavement might last for about 20 years

4. Thin Overlay Asphalt Pavement 

Thin overlays are products manufactured from warm mix asphalt and recycled materials. These types of asphalt paving products are the best if you’re looking to improve ride quality and reduce pavement distress. Most importantly, thin overlays can lower vehicle noise, pavement damage, and repair costs. Overlay asphalt paving doesn’t last long, but the 15 years lifespan is worth the benefits it offers. 

5. Hot-Mix Asphalt Paving

Hot-mix asphalt paving, also known as blacktop, bitumen, or hot mix, is one of the best asphalt for a driveway. It’s mostly strong, low maintenance, and cost-effective. Moreover, it can effectively withstand thawing and freezing and is unaffected by road salt. However, hot mix asphalt paving must be applied immediately after purchase because the more it cools, the more challenging it’s to work with. It hardens like a rock once it cools completely. 

Get the Best Asphalt Paving for Your Needs

Every parking lot, driveway, and road paving project is different. The more you understand asphalt, the better you’ll be prepared for your situation. If you’re considering a paving project for an industrial, commercial, municipal, or residential area, let Maryland Asphalt LLC help you choose the best type of asphalt. Our professionals utilize affordable, state-of-art techniques for commercial and residential paving jobs. Contact us today for inquiries or to request a quote.




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