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5 Top Common Asphalt Paving Myths

March 20, 2023

5 Top Common Asphalt Paving Myths There are many misconceptions within the asphalt paving industry. These myths often stop residential or commercial readers from learning about asphalt, asphalt repairs, or asphalt contractors. 1. Asphalt Is Only Good For Cold Weather... View Article

Asphalt Paving Trends in 2022

December 31, 2022

Asphalt remains one of the most popular and affordable materials for residential and commercial paving. When installed and maintained properly, asphalt gives your property a smooth, elegant, and durable finish for decades. Thinking about new asphalt paving? Let’s look at... View Article

Can Asphalt Paving Improve Your Property Value?

December 20, 2022

Asphalt is a beautiful paving choice, and most of the top driveway companies can do asphalt paving for property owners. If you installed asphalt, you would also require professional asphalt sealcoating contractors to seal the paving. What Are the Common... View Article

5 Types of Asphalt Paving and Their Uses

October 24, 2022

Potholes and cracks are more than just a nuisance. They can create safety hazards like lost hubcaps, blown tires, broken rims, etc. Two reasons cause potholes and cracks: high traffic on the pavement or expansion and contraction during freeze-thaw cycles.... View Article

Is Asphalt Paving Better Than Concrete?

September 8, 2022

You’ll want to be smart when choosing your driveway or parking paving. The goal is to use the most beneficial and economical process while ensuring safety, convenience, and positive aesthetics. Thus, you might wonder if using asphalt or concrete paving... View Article

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