Driveway Construction
in Damascus, MD

At Maryland Asphalt LLC, we provide complete paving and sealcoating services to homeowners in Damascus, Annapolis Rock, Clarksburg, and Montgomery County, MD and beyond. Along with parking lot construction and other commercial services for businesses, we are experts at adding to your home’s curb appeal. Not only does asphalt last longer than other paving materials, but it also enhances drivability without breaking the bank. So, you won’t have to repave your property as frequently to maintain its appearance. You can count on us to create high-quality asphalt roads and walkways that meld seamlessly with the surrounding property while adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Our specialties include:


Homeowners underestimate the value of a beautifully paved driveway free from potholes and imperfections. Whether your plan is to improve the appearance of your property or increase its value so you can sell it for a profit, our team will ensure that the final driveway construction exceeds expectations.

Walking Paths:

Safety concerns dictate that walking paths should be even, level and free from cracks and bumps. As a bonus, repaving walk paths improves the overall property’s appearance.

General Paving:

Our knowledgeable team can handle all aspects of the paving process, from preparing surfaces to grading, resurfacing and more. You can count on us to handle any paving job on your to-do list.

Sport Courts:

Tennis and basketball courts add value to your home, while providing a great spot for practice or play. Because it’s more durable than other paving materials, asphalt is an ideal choice for keeping these court surfaces functional and attractive.


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