How To Build A New Asphalt Road

April 30, 2023

How To Build A New Asphalt Road

A contractor must take many steps to build a new asphalt road/driving path. This blog will explain some of the important steps in the paving process.

Preparing The Area

Before asphalt paving can begin, the area that will receive the road needs to be prepared properly. This includes clearing the site and removing all debris. In addition, the screened dirt must be leveled and compacted to a high density before it can be paved. This process helps prevent potholes, cracks, and other problems from happening in the future.


The sub-base is the main support for any new asphalt pavement, giving it the necessary stability. It also acts as a frost barrier, helping to protect the road from damage caused by freezing and thawing. It is important that the sub-base be properly prepared and compacted to ensure it serves its purpose. If not, the new asphalt surface may not last as long and there will be more cracking and weathering on your driveway or parking lot. For roads that experience frequent heavy truck loads, a concrete base is essential to prevent pumping of fine-grained soils beneath the slab edges and joints. In most cases, a subbase is not required for streets, secondary roads, or parking lots with light traffic load.

Binder Layer

The binder layer is the first layer that goes into a new asphalt road. It contains larger aggregate pieces and is a heavier layer of asphalt than the top course. Typically, the binder is about 0.75 inch thick and has to be strong enough to bear weight for many decades. It also needs to withstand seasonal temperature changes. A paving mixture made of finely crushed rock, sand and a bitumen binder; the latter is usually a type of petroleum-based product. Nowadays, some binders are made from bio-based materials. The binder is placed between the surface and base courses to reduce rutting. It is designed to withstand the highest shear stresses that occur 50 – 70 mm below the surface.


Depending on the type of paving you want to install, there are different types of asphalt mixes available. You’ll need a mix that’s durable enough to stand up to traffic. You’ll also need a mix that can withstand a lot of pressure. This will ensure that your paving is strong and sturdy so that you can have peace of mind that it will last for years to come. After you’ve finished the entire process of paving your new road, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and strong road. Make sure to do your research and talk to the experts at Maryland Asphalt LLC so you can rest assured that your new road will be a great addition to your property!

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