The Best Asphalt Textures for Your Project

January 31, 2023

When you are looking to pave your driveway or install asphalt, there is more to the project than putting down some asphalt and waiting for it to dry. You need to have a driveway that can sustain the load you will put on it, and keep your vehicle and driveway safe. At the same time, when performing driveway asphalt installation, you need to think ahead. Weather can strenuously impact the state of your driveway even after one year of installation.

You may be thinking of doing it yourself, or you may be researching asphalt driveway paving contractors. As you gather quotes from the best asphalt contractors, use this guide to see if they know what your driveway needs. These are the best asphalt textures for your driveway project, and you’ll want your asphalt driveway paving contractors to have this experience.

How Driveway Asphalt Paving Installation Works

When you have your driveway paved with asphalt, there is a process. You need to consider what load-supporting capacity your driveway needs. You also need to take into account the various stages of driveway installation. The best asphalt contractors know how to do this and make this assessment when providing your estimates.

Every asphalt project needs a subgrade layer, topped by an aggregate layer, which is topped by the final layer of asphalt. The quality of these layers determines the final texture of your asphalt.

1. Thick Asphalt Layers Will Yield the Best Asphalt Textures

A thick asphalt layer is the type of asphalt layer that will give you the smoothest results. If you don’t have enough asphalt binding to the aggregate layer, you will see lumpy or chipping asphalt. The asphalt layer should look soupy and thick when it is poured. This soupy texture of the asphalt binds well to the aggregate layer and helps to create a thick and even surface. This also creates a safer driveway that will not compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

2. Well-Compacted Asphalt Layers Are Critical for Good Asphalt Texture

The level of compaction in your asphalt is important for a safe and ideal texture in your driveway asphalt. The asphalt driveway paving contractor that you are working with should talk to you about compaction. This occurs when the asphalt is smoothed over with equipment to compact the asphalt layer into the aggregate layer to prevent bubbling and air pockets over the driveway. If the asphalt is not compacted properly, you will see a lump and rocky surface to the asphalt. Some roughness is expected with asphalt layers, but you still want that asphalt compacted well.

3. Aggregate Mix Matters for Asphalt Texture

The mix of your aggregate layer could be the most important aspect of your driveway asphalt paving project. This layer will yield the right performance for your driveway through any season or weather change. When this layer is mixed properly, your asphalt layer will have the structural integrity it needs to stand the test of time the way you want it to. Aggregate should have some rocky elements and even sand particles to ensure that it can be compacted the way you need. 

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