Can Asphalt Paving Improve Your Property Value?

December 20, 2022

Asphalt is a beautiful paving choice, and most of the top driveway companies can do asphalt paving for property owners. If you installed asphalt, you would also require professional asphalt sealcoating contractors to seal the paving.

What Are the Common Issues That Cause Asphalt Deterioration?

Weather damage

Asphalt has a natural wear-and-tear process that occurs with time due to harsh weather and storms or hail. Moisture retention is also a common feature that causes damage to the paving.

Heavy traffic and heavily loaded vehicles

Heavy and frequent traffic will damage the surface of the asphalt paving and can possibly cause potholes and cracks later. With heavy vehicles compromising the surface of the paving, it gives way allowing moisture to settle in.

Too much heat

Severe heating underneath the asphalt can damage the paving and cause potholes and surfaces to burst open. Mild heat is fine, but when there is a lot of moisture under the surface, and hot temperatures like heat waves occur, it can cause explosive damage to the paving. Damages like this require repairs and sometimes new asphalt. 

Furthermore, tree roots, construction work, and heavy sunlight beating on the surface can cause damage.

Damage That Decreases the Property Value

A damaged asphalt paving is not an attractive sight and thus can instantly drop the value of your property. Damages that decrease the property value include but are not limited to cracking, potholes and depressions.

Upgrades for Sustainability

If you own a large property, you could add a sports court. Your own tennis or basketball court is a great way to increase your home value. Professional asphalt seal coating contractors can help you maintain and seal your paving so you can enjoy longevity and weather resistance on the court throughout the year.

You can also take the liberty to use asphalt paving to build a beautiful patio featuring your favorite pot plants, outdoor furniture, and entertainment comforts.

A Potential Return on your Investment in Asphalt Paving Using Top Driveway Pavement Companies

Asphalt might be one of the more affordable paving options, but it could also increase your ROI. When you repair your paving, seal, and maintain it, you can improve the value of your home.

If you never had any paving previously or would like to switch out, this will help increase the property value. Professional asphalt sealcoating contractors can seal your paving every three to four years. Sealing the paving also adds to the durability, and it looks better when potential homebuyers view the property.

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