Asphalt Paving Trends in 2022

December 31, 2022

Asphalt remains one of the most popular and affordable materials for residential and commercial paving. When installed and maintained properly, asphalt gives your property a smooth, elegant, and durable finish for decades. Thinking about new asphalt paving? Let’s look at the asphalt paving trends in 2022:

Asphalt Paving Trends in 2022

Here are the most popular asphalt paving trends you should know about:

  • Sustainability. When it comes to paving, you should consider sustainability factors as one of the main trends in 2022. One of the factors is excessive paving. You should avoid that because it leads to flooding and hurts wildlife. It is recommended to install permeable bricks or concrete open grids that would allow the absorption of rainwater where it falls. Another sustainable paving approach is to use semi-annual sealant applications to keep your asphalt in good shape instead of replacing or repairing it too often. 
  • Colored sealcoatings. The use of sealcoating is very beneficial for your asphalt. It helps seal off small cracks, prevent the intrusion of moisture, and provide your property with an attractive and aesthetic look. One of the most recent trends in 2022 in the paving industry is using colored sealcoatings — similar to those that you can see on tennis courts or marked bike lanes. Colored sealcoatings also have a functional benefit – they are smoother and, therefore, much easier to clean. 
  • Asphalt art. Regular asphalt paving can be quite dull, but you can make it more unique, creative, and personalized with the help of asphalt art, one of the newest asphalt paving trends in 2022. The best thing about this trend is that it is affordable because the paint is usually not expensive. Thus, you can turn your paving and your property into a cool art project. 

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