Do I Need to Call a Contractor to Fix Potholes in My Asphalt?

November 20, 2022

Nobody likes potholes. Still, we all must deal with potholes in asphalt paving because these are simply part of wear and tear. Potholes can be damaging if left to get worse and bigger, but when you repair them, you can enjoy that smooth feel of driving in and out of your driveway, and your car will thank you.

Some of the top commercial paving companies specialize in maintenance after installing at their client’s properties. Commercial paving is one of the first to experience potholes since there is a high influx of traffic in those parking areas.

If you’ve discovered a pothole or more in your driveway, this post is made for you.

Why Do Potholes Happen?

Potholes occur naturally and result from extreme weather conditions, heavy traffic, and a lack of maintenance. They may also occur when the installation isn’t done correctly. While it may seem like a quick fix to mending it yourself, it isn’t always feasible.

Can You Fix Potholes DIY Style?

You probably can attempt a DIY fix to the potholes in your paving, but without the proper equipment, material, and knowledge, it might be done inadequately. Using a different pothole medium that isn’t made for heavy loads and high traffic is preferable for residential driveways. It would be best to remember to seal and maintain the DIY-prepared pothole. Cold medium pothole mix is often the preferred choice to fix potholes.

DIY VS Contractor To Fix Potholes in Your Driveway

Residential paving services is your best bet for restoring pothole problems that may have developed in your asphalt paving. It’s easy to attempt a DIY mend since it will save you time and effort.

DIY pothole fixes

  • It takes more time
  • It can be challenging
  • It might be less expensive
  • It may not be as efficient when you’re not knowledgeable

Contractor pothole fixes

  • Professional work completed by skilled and knowledgeable teams
  • Top commercial paving companies use quality materials in their projects
  • Continued maintenance is possible
  • Potholes might not reoccur as frequently as when it’s done DIY style

Don’t Forget To Seal Your Driveway

Paving needs sealing to ensure it has a longer lifespan. Asphalt and most paving cannot be sealed during cold, wet weather. Instead, sealing your paving must be done in warmer weather conditions, giving it enough time to mature.

By sealing your driveway, you can enjoy longer-lasting paving, rich color, weatherproofing and a smooth, beautiful surface that is easy to mark with painted lines. 

Do you need help with potholes in your paving? Let the skilled and experienced team at Maryland Asphalt help you fix it.

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