What To Expect While Replacing Your Asphalt

October 31, 2022

Since asphalt driveways last a long time, it’s easy to miss the signs that it needs replacing. However, when you learn what to look for, you’ll recognize when to call someone to replace or resurface your driveway. Keep reading to know what to look for and what to expect when you have your driveway replaced.

How To Know if Your Driveway Needs To Be Replaced

If you’ve maintained your driveway by having it sealed and filling in small cracks over the years, it can last between 15 and 20 years. However, it’s time to contact expert asphalt contractors like Maryland Asphalt LLC when you start to notice:

  1. Dips or Depressions: If puddles form after rain, or twigs, leaves, or other debris collect in a sunken place on your driveway, it needs attention. This is especially a problem if you live in an area with snow and ice. Frozen moisture expands and causes additional damage to these areas. 
  2. Cracking: Cracking on your asphalt needs attention. When the cracks are connected and loosely resemble dry skin or what is sometimes called “alligator cracking,” you need to have it replaced. Other cracks down the middle, in box shapes, or along the edges of your driveway are also good reasons to get asphalt replacement done right.
  3. Potholes: If you notice your car clunking through a pothole in your driveway, you risk damaging your vehicle and injuring you or anyone else walking on the uneven surface. 
  4. Pebbling or Graveling: Pebbles or gravel on your driveway is a sign your driveway is breaking down. You’ll want to have a pro look at it the second you notice this problem.
  5. Loss of Curbside Appeal: Don’t underestimate the power of a flat, smooth blacktop when trying to give your property a facelift or putting your home on the market. Replacing your asphalt is the answer when you’ve got faded color, crumbling areas, cracks, or any other issue.

What To Expect With Asphalt Replacement

Having your asphalt replaced isn’t as inconvenient as you might believe. Here’s what you can expect from the process:

  • Consultation: Have a pro look at the job, tell you what they recommend, and provide an estimate.
  • Breaking Down: The existing asphalt is broken down and removed.
  • Proper Leveling and Sloping: This allows the new driveway to handle water and runoff effectively.
  • Lay the Bottom Support or Sub-base: This step lays down your new driveway’s foundation.
  • Paving: Your asphalt will be placed on top of your prepared base.
  • Settling Time: Also known as “curing,” this is where you allow your driveway to set into place, often for five to seven days.
  • Sealing: Sometimes homeowners seal their new asphalt driveways for a finished look, but it isn’t necessary immediately.

Since every driveway is different, it’s impossible to estimate the length of a replacement job without seeing it first. Even if your contractor gives you an estimate of four to seven days, it can always change due to weather conditions. So it’s best to add a few days onto your estimate to be safe.

Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Asphalt 

When investing in your new asphalt driveway, you want the job to get done right. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during the process:

  • Hire the Best Contractor for the Job: Look at how long the service has been in business and what customers say about them. A good combination of both can help you have a great experience.
  • Learn How to Maintain It: Learn to take care of your new driveway from your contractor. Ask about:
    • How to support the sides of your driveway
    • How often to seal it and who they recommend if you aren’t doing it yourself
    • How to clean up accidental gas or oil spills properly.
  • Stay Off as Long as Recommended: Don’t walk or drive on your driveway until the contractor tells you it’s safe. Your driveway may take up to six months to be fully set, so the few days you have to park on the curb or lawn until it’s dry enough is worth it.
  • Get Your Warranty or Guarantee in Writing: Sometimes, a new asphalt driveway has problems with cracking, crumbling, or other issues. Make sure you hire a contractor that stands by their work and can give you a copy of their guarantee or warranty to have on hand.

When You Need Asphalt Replacement

Get experience, value, and expertise from your asphalt replacement expert. When you hire a company like Maryland Asphalt LLC, you get all that and more for your project. 

Visit them at Maryland Asphalt LLC or call them at 240-745-2344 to discuss your concerns and asphalt needs. When you do, you’ll have all the confidence you need to make the best decision for your driveway: hire Maryland Asphalt LLC.


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