Is Asphalt Paving Better Than Concrete?

September 8, 2022

You’ll want to be smart when choosing your driveway or parking paving. The goal is to use the most beneficial and economical process while ensuring safety, convenience, and positive aesthetics. Thus, you might wonder if using asphalt or concrete paving is better. Each type of paving has benefits and disadvantages. Here’s some information about that.

Does Asphalt or Concrete Cost More?

Asphalt paving is the least expensive paving type. People can typically get asphalt paving done in little to no time and for much less money than concrete paving. Thus, it is most likely the better choice if cost-effectiveness is your primary concern. 

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt and Concrete Paving?

Both concrete and asphalt have some advantages and some negatives. First, asphalt is excellent in the winter because the cold air doesn’t affect it. It can also absorb heat in the summer and does not react to salt.

Asphalt’s heat absorption quality often causes ice and snow to melt much faster in the winter. Concrete, on the other hand, deteriorates if salt contacts it. It also contracts and expands, which sometimes leads to damage. 

That’s not to say that asphalt doesn’t have some issues. The most common problem with asphalt is its tendency to soften at extremely hot temperatures. Therefore, you must consider that factor if you own a business in an area where the summers get extreme. However, Maryland has mild summer temperatures, and asphalt is a common choice in the community. 

What To Consider When Deciding Which Paving To Use?

You need to consider several factors before deciding how to invest in paving. These are the areas you will need to review:


The cost is first on the list. You can only invest in what you can afford, so you should think about your budget first and then work around it. 


The attractiveness is another aspect of the paving project to consider. Only you know what you consider gorgeous. Use that vision to choose whether asphalt or concrete is a more attractive choice for your lot. 

Damage Potential

You will also need to consider the damage potential when deciding whether to invest in asphalt or concrete. If you are comfortable with the safety level, you can decide on one over the other. 


Also, consider the level of maintenance you will need to do on the pavement. You might want to invest in the paving with the least amount of responsibility for maintenance. 

Asphalt seems to fit the bill the best when considering all the above-mentioned factors. Additionally, it’s highly customizable. Keep that in your mind when making your choice as well. 

Can You Do the Paving Work Yourself?

Some people like to use DIY methods on such projects. However, it’s always wise to hire professional asphalt contractors if you can afford it. Maryland Asphalt LLC can assist you with any asphalt or concrete driveway projects you have in mind. You can reach out and have a skilled professional help you with it soon. 

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