Read This Before Starting a Repaving Project

August 20, 2022

If you are building a new home or considering repairing or repaving a driveway, then there are some tips to repave a driveway every homeowner should know. Residential asphalt driveway projects can add value, beauty, and convenience to your home. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners make some common mistakes when installing and repaving their driveways. Here are a few things about residential asphalt driveway projects every homeowner should know before starting.

Tips To Repave a Driveway 

There are a few things to be aware of when installing or repaving an asphalt driveway. Following these guidelines will help extend the life of your driveway, add to its beauty, and improve its effectiveness.

Know Your Soil

How the groundwork is prepared will also have much to do with what type of soil lies beneath. From clay soil types to more sandy types of soils, different types of soil will impact the preparation of the groundwork and the repaving process.

Asphalt Depth

Another common question (and problem area for homeowners) is how much and how deep asphalt should be. In most cases, the minimum thickness should be two to three inches after compaction.

The Asphalt Aggregate Balance

Arguably getting the proper balance of aggregate and asphalt is the most common mistake when laying asphalt. The wrong balance and your driveway won’t compact correctly, or it will fall apart. 


Your driveway should be paved in a way that promotes drainage and prevents pooling. These considerations are very important when freezing occurs, and the truth is no one pays for a driveway so they can walk in water.


Asphalt driveways have a finished and professional appearance when paved correctly. Don’t forget to consider the aesthetics when installing, repairing, or repaving your driveway.

After the Job

The last thing homeowners should check is the finished results of the job. Asphalt driveways should have a smooth and tapered finish, with no bumps, ridges, or dips on the surface.

Maryland Asphalt LLC

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