Do I Need To Renovate the Asphalt in Front of My Store?

July 20, 2022

Parking lots are subjected to onslaughts of vehicle traffic and foot, which is why you should use the most robust materials such as asphalt. If your asphalt paving contractors constructed your parking lot appropriately, it should last for several years. Nonetheless, the integrity of your parking lot will eventually wane, and require renovation. Some signs that you should carry out commercial parking lot repair include:

  • The parking lot is not sealed
  • The parking lot has extensive cracks parking lot has drainage problems
  • The parking lot has potholes
  • The parking lot is not appealing

Your Parking Is Not Sealed

You should reseal your commercial parking lot every three years. Resealing assists in preventing cracking. In case you haven’t been regularly resealing the parking lot, you might need to renovate the parking lot. To prevent the asphalt from cracking again, you need to replace it and commit to regularly resealing it.

The Parking Lot Has Extensive Cracks

Your commercial parking lot will inevitably start cracking with time. Rainwater, salt, oil, and other destructive substances penetrate the parking lot, causing cracks or worsening the existing ones. You can fill tiny cracks with a sealant. However, deep, long, and wide cracks imply your parking lot has serious problems, and you require you to involve asphalt paving contractors to renovate it.

The Commercial Parking Lot Has Drainage Problems                     

If your parking lot is sloped or uneven, rainwater will pool in many areas. Pooling of water will affect your parking lot integrity, causing potholes and cracks. A comprehensive renovation can eliminate or mitigate the slope problems of the parking lot and fit curbs or inlets to direct the rainwater flow.

The Parking Lot Has Potholes

Often, in asphalt parking lots, water seeps through, causing expansion and contraction of the ground beneath it; This weakens the asphalt over time, causing the crumbling of its pieces eventually forming potholes. You can repair a small pothole; however, filling it may not address the root of the problem.

You can liken it to bandaging a bullet wound minus removing the bullet. The ground underneath the parking lot continues to expand and contract, and the pothole reappears after some time. Renovation of the parking lot is essential when there are severe potholes. 

Ugly Looking Parking Lot 

The look of your commercial parking lot can break or make your business. As we always say, the first impression is everything. An ugly-looking parking lot may turn away potential clients from your business. Worse still, severe cracks and potholes can harm customers or damage vehicles, and you may be held liable for the damages.

If the event you any or a combination of the above-mentioned issues, you should engage a professional contractor to refurbish your commercial parking lot. 

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