What Is MHIC?

June 20, 2022

The law defines home improvement as the conversion, modification, upgrading, modernization, replacement, remodeling, or repair of a part of a building meant to be used as a dwelling place, a residence, or a structure near that building; or upgrading to land next to the building.

When there is a home improvement task you need to carry out, you have a few options: doing the job yourself, hiring a local handyman, or engaging a licensed contractor. Unless you have experience and license to do this kind of job, it is wise to hire an expert with MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission certification).

Luckily for Maryland property owners, unqualified workers cannot walk around claiming to be licensed contractors. To be licensed by the state, specialists must receive their (MHIC) license.

What Is MHIC Certification?

A Maryland Home Improvement Commission certification (MHIC) certificate is proof that a contractor has the capacity for executing professional home improvement tasks.

What To Know About MHIC Certifications

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation issues this certificate, and it is tedious to obtain it.

Among the qualifications contractors must have to receive an MHIC certification are; not less than two years of experience and passing a rigorous exam. Moreover, there are more requirements if a contractor wishes to offer specialized services, such as HVAC work or plumbing.

How Much Does MHIC Certification Cost?

A Maryland Home Improvement Commission certification requires a $370 fee for all new applicants and a licensing exam fee of $63. Contractors have to renew their licenses every two years for $250. All contractors have to contribute to a $150 guaranty fund that assists homeowners in recovering losses if an MHIC-certified contractor does not complete a project. The guaranty fee is required each time the contractor renews their license.

Why Should You Hire a Certified Contractor?

No law requires you to engage a certified specialist in your home improvement project. You can opt to hire a local handyman or do it yourself. However, several benefits come with hiring a certified contractor. The following are some reasons why you should consider hiring an MHIC-certified contractor whenever you decide to carry out a home improvement project:

  • High-quality outcomes: You get value for your money when it comes to contractors. Sacrificing a few extra dollars for an MHIC-certified contractor guarantees you better results. Moreover, you will not need to bring another contractor to carry out repairs for the shoddy job done the first time.
  • No hidden fees: Some bogus contractors often offer low quotes to clients but fail to disclose certain fees. Eventually, the homeowners are surprised when the final bill comes. Since the state holds MHIC-certified contractors to a higher standard, hidden fees are not an issue with them.
  • No liability: Working with an uninsured or underinsured contractor is like playing with fire. If your contractor does not have adequate insurance coverage, you could end up paying for property damage or injuries that occur when the crew. Since licensed contractors must have insurance, that is not an issue when you engage a reputable team.

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