Pothole Pains? 5 Ways to Prevent Pothole Headaches for Your Small Business

March 2, 2022

When running your own small business, ensuring that your business location is in good condition is very important. While you will want the interior of your store, office or other building to be clean and attractive, you also need to consider your parking lot. Having a parking lot that is in good condition will ensure that you and your visitors have a safe place to park. One issue that can occur over the winter is the development of new potholes. Unfortunately, potholes are unattractive to look at and can also cause damage to cars. Fortunately, there are five ways that you can prevent potholes in your parking lot. 

Work With an Experienced Contractor

Prevention of potholes starts by having a quality parking lot installed. To ensure this is done the right way, you should work with a contractor that is experienced with providing quality parking lots. First, they can help you decide on the right type of paving that will reduce the prevalence of potholes. They can then have it installed and smoothed the right way, which can further reduce this risk. 

Get Rid of Standing Water

The main reason that potholes will form is that water will be standing in one place for too long and slowly seep into the asphalt or other material. Before too long, this water can cause the material to deteriorate. Due to this, if you notice that there is a pooling of water in specific areas, you should hire a contractor to improve drainage to prevent standing water.

Clear Snow and Ice

Similar to getting rid of standing water, you also need to clear snow and ice during the winter. One of the most important winter maintenance tips for your paved parking lot in the winter is to get rid of snow and ice. If snow and ice sit for too long, the moisture will seep into the asphalt and can start to cause damage. If it melts and then freezes again, potholes can develop quickly. 

Have the Lot Sealed on Occasion

While a new parking lot should last for a long time, it does require some routine maintenance. Beyond cleaning the parking lot, you should also have the parking lot sealed every few years. This can help to prevent water from slowly working its way into the material and will reduce the likelihood of potholes.

Make Repairs When Necessary

Another tip is to maintain proper commercial paving care to avoid potholes during winter. To do this, you will need to make repairs when problems occur. Cracks and other forms of damage are bound to happen when you have a parking lot to manage. However, fixing these small cracks and filling in potholes quickly can help stop them from getting worse.

Nothing can damage a parking lot for a commercial property like new potholes. While these are inevitable to some degree, there are various ways to reduce their frequency and impact. There are various tips that you can follow to help manage the risks of potholes in your parking lot. 

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