Preparing Your Asphalt Driveway for Winter

August 30, 2021

The seasons come and go quickly, and before you know it, winter will arrive on your doorstep once again. Are you ready to face it with winter asphalt care? Proper cold weather asphalt care is crucial for extending the longevity of your driveway and keeping it in top shape year after year. To minimize repairs and increase performance, use the following tips for healthy winter asphalt care.

Make proactive repairs

Take a good look at the condition of your asphalt. Before winter arrives in full force, make any repairs that are needed. Look for potholes and cracks. Even minor damage should be repaired before winter, because the harsh temperatures, snow and ice of the season can worsen the damage. If minor issues are not taken care of now, the repairs needed by spring will be more extensive and more costly to address.

Consider sealcoating

A good way to protect your driveway for the winter is with a fresh sealcoat. The freshly sealed surface will be able to withstand the harsh weather and extreme temperatures that winter brings. Consult with a local asphalt company to schedule this winter asphalt care so your driveway is ready for the colder months.

Keep it clean

Once winter hits, snow removal will be a concern. For proper cold weather asphalt care, prepare for snowfall by cleaning up any debris from the driveway. This will provide a clean, smooth surface that can be plowed and de-iced more easily and safely. It will also prevent debris from freezing under the snowfall and damaging the surface of your driveway over the course of the winter. For quick, efficient driveway cleaning, contact your local asphalt specialist.

Stock up

Stock up on cold weather asphalt care supplies. This should include snow shovels and ice melt. Be sure to choose shovels that won’t chip or otherwise damage your driveway, and select ice melt that is asphalt safe and eco-friendly. Also consider partnering with a snow removal service to make clearing your driveway simple and hassle free. 24-hour services are available that will ensure your driveway is always ready for use.

Watch for water

Are there any areas of your driveway where water tends to pool? For appropriate winter asphalt care, repair these areas before cold weather hits. Remember, pooled water in summer and fall means sheets of ice in the winter. Consider repairs or resurfacing to create a smooth, safe surface before temperatures drop.

We’re ready for winter—are you?

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