What Causes Asphalt to Deteriorate?

January 25, 2021

Asphalt is a commonly used material for roads and driveways across the country. That’s because of its durability and resilience to the elements. But just like all other paving materials, it does have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. There are many potential reasons for asphalt deterioration. You can do some things to prevent damage or repair asphalt, while other cases will require replacement.

When you’re looking for the leading asphalt contractor in Montgomery County, MD, Maryland Asphalt LLC can provide the help you need. We’ve built a reputation as a reasonably priced, high-quality asphalt contracting firm serving the entire region. Read on to find out more about how asphalt deterioration occurs and what you can do about it.

Water damage

When asphalt is exposed to moisture and traffic, deterioration begins. This is because the asphalt is coming into contact with water as well as chemicals that break down the adhesive which holds the asphalt together. This can cause cracks and brittle spots to pop up over time.

It’s worth noting that poorly constructed asphalt will break down more quickly. This is true of asphalt that was applied at the wrong temperature, has poor drainage or has a base that’s been compacted incorrectly. Since asphalt will be subject to the elements, starting with materials that have been properly designed and applied is important to longevity.

You can avoid many of the issues with moisture damage by sealcoating the surface. This creates a protective layer over the asphalt to prevent damage.


The reality is that asphalt will be subject to damage from traffic that includes leaked gas and oil. This may cause the asphalt to lose its binding quality and crumble. When the chemicals heat up on the asphalt, this makes the process even more damaging. Luckily, sealcoating is an ideal way to protect your driveway.


Exposure to sunlight and hot weather can damage asphalt. Sunlight may cause liquid asphalt to oxidize and reduce its ability to stick together. It will also cause premature aging. But here again, sealcoating can provide a great solution to keep the asphalt looking like new.

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