4 Tips for the Perfect Kid-Friendly Court

November 7, 2020

Are your kids aspiring tennis pros, or are you looking for ways to increase your school, daycare or other facility’s kid-friendly recreation? Building kid-friendly courts in Montgomery County, MD, is a great way to keep kids active and teach them the sport while playing to their strengths.

The United States Tennis Association developed the 10 Under Tennis program in 2010, which provides guidelines on how to tailor courts and the sport to children. The goal is to teach children to play at a kid-friendly level, while making it possible for the court to grow along with them. That means your child’s tennis court can double as yours, too. Here are some tips when you’re getting ready to pave your own.

  1. Regulation size: Court size depends on your child’s age and size. Regulation adult tennis courts are 78 feet long and 27 feet (singles) or 36 feet wide (doubles). For children, court size starts at 36 feet long and 18 feet wide. If you plan to share the court between adults and children, we suggest building a full-size adult court. This way, you can mark off the children’s court size with contrasting paint. It might feel odd at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it. However, if it’s a small-children-only zone, a mid-range court with appropriate markings is helpful.
  2. Surface: Next, choose your surface. Kid-friendly asphalt is the top choice for tennis courts in Montgomery County, MD, but some people use concrete. The key is to ensure that your pavement is multi-layered and has full depth; this makes it comfortable for people to run and jump on for hours at a time. Asphalt is low-maintenance, durable and customizable, so you’re guaranteed the exact results, color and longevity you need. Some people also choose to cushion the pavement with an acrylic coating. This makes the ball less bouncy, so your kids will have more time to run after it.
  3. Windscreens: The purpose of a windscreen is right in the name—to block wind—but they also help block noise. As fun as children are, they tend to be on the noisy side, even before you add a bouncing ball. If you are in a residential area, your neighbors will thank you. To ensure safety, make sure that your windscreen doesn’t have any holes or gaps that children might stick their hands through.
  4. Providing the right gear: Finally, the ideal tennis court includes the right gear for your kids. This includes lower nets and shorter, lighter rackets—adult size rackets are unwieldy for burgeoning tennis stars. Kids also benefit from using larger balls with less bounce. This makes it easier for them to make contact.

Putting together kid-friendly courts for tennis involves a certain amount of planning and care. When you work with a great asphalt contractor, the bulk of the work will be easy. Let Maryland Asphalt help with your kid-friendly asphalt court in Montgomery County, MD. We’ll work with you to plan and install your new tennis courts for endless fun. Call today to get started!

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