Why Filling Asphalt Pavement Cracks Is Important

October 15, 2020

Asphalt is a paving material that is able to hold up to years of exposure to the elements, but at some point, it will begin to experience cracking and breakage. This might simply be a result of age, but it can also be caused by poor foundation or installation work or by a significant traffic load on top of it. Not only will cracks reduce the expected lifespan of your asphalt, but they might also be unsightly, decrease the market value of your property and, when large enough, pose a potential safety risk to people walking on top.

Here are a few reasons why filling cracks in asphalt in Montgomery County, MD, is so important and why you need to keep up with asphalt maintenance.

  • Tire damage: Cracked pavement or roads can potentially cause tire blowouts, which can result in injuries or major vehicle damage.
  • Further pavement damage: Failing to fill in cracks within a reasonable amount of time might result in the crack spreading even further. This will only make it more difficult for you to easily and inexpensively repair the problem.
  • Extend pavement life: Filling asphalt cracks can help you further extend the life of your pavement in Montgomery County, MD, especially when paired with other surface improvements.
  • Improved aesthetics: A well-maintained asphalt driveway or paved area will enhance the aesthetics of your property. Nobody likes looking at pavement that’s filled with cracks!
  • Save money: Regular maintenance of your asphalt will spare you the need to completely replace or remove the pavement, which is significantly more expensive than simply staying on top of necessary maintenance tasks. It’s better to repair incrementally than to replace the entire asphalt section far sooner than would otherwise be necessary.
  • Potential injury: Large cracks in areas that have high pedestrian traffic can result in people potentially tripping and getting injured. This could open you up to potential liability if they are able to prove that you knew about the defects in the asphalt but failed to take necessary precautions to resolve the issue. Again, this could cost you significant amounts of money in legal bills and settlements.
  • Flexibility: Filling asphalt cracks can help you create a more flexible paving solution. The filling will contract and expand along with the asphalt over the course of the changing of the seasons.

The method you use to repair your asphalt will depend on the kind of cracking you’re experiencing. Linear cracking, also known as longitudinal cracking, generally runs through the center of the asphalt. This is one of the more common kinds of asphalt cracking and is usually a result of aging and lack of maintenance.

Meanwhile, alligator cracking (also known as fatigue), involves the pavement cracking and breaking in a way that resembles alligator scales. This is a severe problem that is far more complicated to fix and requires a greater investment in repairs.

For more information about filling cracks in asphalt and how to stay on top of asphalt maintenance, contact Maryland Asphalt, your local asphalt paving contractors in Montgomery County, MD.

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