The Best Time of Year to Install an Asphalt Driveway

October 1, 2020

Asphalt is one of the most reliable and durable paving materials you can use in the Maryland climate. Its crude oil composition makes it highly water resistant, which means it is capable of withstanding moisture and avoiding a lot of problems you’d have with other types of pavement. And, its inexpensive nature and ease of installation makes choosing an asphalt driveway easy for people looking for new pavement in Montgomery County, MD.

But what is the best time of year to install an asphalt driveway?

Timing of installation

Asphalt is a weather-resistant material, so there is some versatility with regard to the best time for asphalt driveway installation in Montgomery County, MD. Winter is not out of the question for asphalt installation—the material has anti-freezing properties to prevent your pavement from freezing and cracking.

If the temperature is below freezing but the soil in the area has not frozen yet, then it is still possible to install asphalt. As long as the ground is not frozen, the freezing air temperature will not have a significant effect on asphalt’s ability to harden. You’ll be able to get the required compression level for the pavement and soil, and it won’t be an issue moving forward.

However, there are some risks for doing asphalt installation during cold weather. There’s less daylight, less warmth and less time during the day to complete the job, which means the quality of work could potentially suffer if the workers feel like they need to rush. Asphalt installation can take some time, especially for large jobs, and there needs to be sufficient time to smooth the asphalt and avoid bumps.

This is generally why we recommend fall or spring for asphalt driveway installation, before the winter weather arrives or after it’s passed for good. These seasons give you cooler air and longer days and help you avoid the extremely hot, unpleasant weather of summer that can make laying asphalt quite difficult or uncomfortable. While winter weather is still okay for patches and repairs that don’t require the use of hot mix, it’s probably best to avoid full-on asphalt installation during the coldest parts of the year.

That being said, other seasons do have rain to contend with, which can be a significant complicating factor in getting asphalt properly installed. Asphalt paving is installed in hot liquid form and needs to be cooled to solidify. Some rain can help the asphalt cool faster, but that’s not necessarily a good thing—fast cooling can result in the asphalt forming bumps and clumps that cannot be repaired by any means other than tearing it out and resurfacing. This is why it’s best to avoid stretches of weather where there will be a lot of rain.

Our asphalt experts are available year-round

Installing asphalt requires some advance planning. Fortunately, the asphalt experts at Maryland Asphalt are available all year long! If you’re interested in learning more about choosing an asphalt driveway, contact our asphalt paving company in Montgomery County, MD, for more information.

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