How to Protect Your Asphalt from the Winter Weather

October 22, 2020

Cold weather is on its way. With the rain, snow and ice comes the need to protect your asphalt from winter weather. You should be performing basic asphalt maintenance throughout the year, knowing that the cold weather can wreak havoc on your pavement. Once it starts raining or snowing regularly, you won’t be able to make any repairs until spring.

As always, the sooner you can repair issues, the less time-consuming and costly it will be. Here’s a basic guide to asphalt winter preparation in Montgomery County, MD.

Sweep up all the debris

Before you get started with any repairs, hire a company to professionally clean your asphalt. This helps remove leaves, foliage, dirt, mud, debris and more. Cleaning away debris serves two purposes. First, it gets rid of anything that can stick to your asphalt, freeze and damage it. Second, a thorough cleaning makes it much easier to spot pooling water, cracks and potholes.

If your pavement doesn’t cover a lot of area, you might be better off sweeping it up yourself. Just make sure to sweep before each big snowstorm! Keeping your pavement clear is a big part of asphalt protection during long Montgomery County, MD, winters.

Watch for pooling water

Drainage issues can cause big problems for your pavement during the winter. The next time it rains, look at your asphalt and see if there are any puddles or standing water. Pooling water means that your asphalt surface is uneven. This could be a minor cosmetic problem, or it could mean that your sub-base has been compromised.

If there’s no time to repave your asphalt before the winter, note where the puddles form. When temperatures dip below freezing, you may want to remove the ice in those spots so it doesn’t cause further damage.

Finally, make sure that your drainage system is working. Keep all drains clear of mud and debris so that water can drain off safely.

Look for cracks and potholes

Existing cracks and potholes should be taken care of before the rain and snow arrive as part of preventative asphalt winter preparation. When water seeps into cracks or potholes and freezes, it expands. That worsens the crack—and it could leave you with an unpleasant surprise once spring arrives.

Call your local asphalt contractor to repair any damage before winter. If the damage is extensive, you may want to resurface or repave your asphalt in the warmer months.

Find a good de-icing product

A de-icer can help keep your pavement accessible and provide added asphalt protection from the freezing and thawing cycles. Keep in mind that a de-icer is not a one-size-fits-all product. Many are designed for specific ambient temperatures, surface temperatures or weather conditions, so do your research. (Alternatively, ask your pavement contractor for recommendations!)

Preparing your asphalt for the Montgomery County, MD, winter weather should be on your yearly to-do list. The better you protect your pavement now, the less likely you’ll discover new damage when the snow finally melts.

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