3 Keys to Cost-Effective Asphalt Renovation

September 1, 2020

If your driveway or parking lot is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be time to look at the quality of the asphalt. Asphalt is very durable and flexible, but eventually, time and usage can take their toll on it. When this occurs, you’ll want to look into asphalt renovation in Montgomery County, MD.

Our team at Maryland Asphalt is able to quickly and efficiently get your asphalt surface looking like new, but the surprising part is how affordable this process is. We stick to a few key points to make sure that our asphalt renovation costs are kept low, resulting in savings that we can pass on to our customers.


Milling is an asphalt technique that involves stripping off only the top layer of material. We’re careful not to disturb the lower layers during this process, which would mean more work and higher costs. Once we’ve pulled off the top, we can lay down a fresh layer of asphalt.

After we’ve completed the job, we recycle the stuff we pulled up from your lot and turn it into new asphalt that we can use on other projects. This technique is essentially zero-waste. It’s also a great way for parking lot owners, in particular, to get asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD, and correct imperfections like dips or depressions. By having a milling machine ready to go, our company is able to execute this low-cost method at minimal expense to customers.


While similar to milling, pulverizing is a bit different in that the pulverizing machine (called a reclaimer) rips up the top layer but leaves it in place. This layer is then ready to be reformed into a more consistent surface on the spot. When we pulverize asphalt, we’re leaving ground conditions largely as they are while also providing a solid platform for the new layer of asphalt that will be laid down.

Like with milling, pulverizing helps save money because there’s no need for a pricey new base layer to be laid down. We also don’t have to pay for hauling away debris and waste, because we’re simply re-forming the same asphalt.


Stabilization is the second part of the pulverizing process. Essentially, we pour a mixture of tar, waterproofing products and binding agents over the crushed asphalt. All of this is then left to thoroughly mix and set. The entire mixture will dry completely in a day or so, and the result is a “brand-new” asphalt parking lot or driveway.

Again, when we perform this type of asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD, we’re keeping our environmental footprint and our costs low by using a minimal amount of new material.

Many contractors will tell you that asphalt replacement might be necessary to rejuvenate your surfaces. While this might be the case in some situations, our team has the experience to advise you on when asphalt renovation in Montgomery County, MD, will get the job done. It’s a lower-cost option that will leave your surface looking brand-new. And, thanks to our investments in the proper equipment, we can get the job done right for a surprisingly low cost. Call us today to learn more!

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