Keep Your Asphalt Safe with Repairs

July 22, 2020

Whether you own a commercial building or a home, you are responsible for maintaining every square inch of your property. Too often, property owners forget that regular maintenance goes beyond the interior of a building and also includes driveways, parking lots, walking paths and other paved areas. If left unattended, a number of issues can arise that are dangerous as well as downright unattractive. Asphalt maintenance in Montgomery County, MD keeps you and others safe while decreasing your liability should an accident occur.


When unmaintained pavement starts to age, it cracks and spreads out, creating a pattern similar to a crocodile’s skin. Crocodile cracks are best fixed with asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD so that they stop expanding.

When crocodile cracks are left unaddressed, not only do they continue to fan out, but they also cause other problems. The pavement becomes uneven, which can cause accidents for drivers or pedestrians. Depending on how deep these crocodile cracks are, you might even have weeds growing through them.

Cold winter weather will further increase the size of these cracks. As condensation in these cracks freezes and pressure is applied to it—for example, by cars or trucks—the frozen portions break off, exacerbating the problem even further.

Drainage issues

After a rainstorm, do you notice water pooling in certain parts of your driveway or parking lot? If so, that means there’s a drainage issue that needs to be handled sooner rather than later. This is especially true if we’re headed into the colder months of the year.

As mentioned previously, cold weather wreaks havoc on asphalt. When your paved area isn’t draining correctly, this excess moisture seeps in and freezes as soon as the temperatures drop below 32℉. Then this newly-formed ice starts to expand. This alone can make cracks worse, but any weight your parking lot or driveway has to bear will lead to further damage.


Despite our best efforts, accidents happen. Sometimes, we are informed when something like a spill takes place, but other times we just find out about the issue and are left to figure out how to move forward. The same is true for paved portions of any property, which is why you want to work with a highly-rated company when you need asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD.

Any number of fluids may stain your parking lot, driveway, walking path or other paved piece of property. Depending on the chemical, the stain may also break down important components of your asphalt such as binding agents, weakening the area and making it easier for crocodile cracks to develop.

As time marches on, the paved areas on your residential or commercial property will age. The best way to turn back the hands of time is to hire a trusted local company that provides top-rated asphalt maintenance in Montgomery County, MD. Family owned and operated, Maryland Asphalt LLC is proud to provide the best in expertise and customer service. Don’t wait for your asphalt to cause a problem. Instead, get in touch with us now for a consultation.

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