Treat Your Asphalt Right This Holiday Season

November 26, 2019

Winter can be harsh on your asphalt. Extreme temperatures and inclement weather can take their toll. It’s important to provide the right care for your asphalt to avoid the need for asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD.

To minimize the damage to your property and maximize the asphalt’s lifespan, take the following precautions. If you have any questions about these tips, feel free to contact your local asphalt experts at Maryland Asphalt LLC.

Be gentle with Jack Frost

When snow and ice cover your driveway, you may be tempted to chip away at the frost with a metal shovel. However, metal shovels can damage your driveway, leading to the need for asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD.

Instead, for best results, choose a plastic shovel. These lightweight tools will provide the gentle snow removal required to protect your asphalt. Since they aren’t as heavy-duty as metal shovels, you’ll probably have to complete your snow removal chores sooner rather than later, before the snow and ice builds up. This will make the job easier for you and easier on your asphalt. Removing ice and snow right away can also prevent damage, since standing water and melting snow can wreak havoc on your asphalt.

Additionally, if you need to use deicer on your driveway, choose magnesium chloride. Rock salt causes damage to your asphalt.

Watch for red flags

This isn’t a reference to holiday decorations. Your asphalt may show signs that it needs asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD—watch for these red flags. Cracks or potholes indicate there is an issue with your asphalt. You may need immediate maintenance, and you may need to change your overall maintenance program to prevent future issues.

If you discover any potholes, cracks or pooling water, don’t ignore these issues. They will only worsen with time. Request a consultation with a local asphalt company to determine next steps for asphalt repair in Montgomery County, MD.

Keep it clean

Before a snowfall, make sure your asphalt is clean. Clear away any debris that might get trapped on the surface beneath the snow. Keeping it clean will also help you detect any cracks or potholes that may be forming. The earlier you can catch these, the better.

Partner with the pros

For optimal results, treat your asphalt to professional care. When the winter season approaches, reach out to a professional asphalt company that can partner with you to extend the life of your asphalt. These experts can provide cleaning, repairs and prevention measures that keep your asphalt in top condition.

Your local source for asphalt

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